About us

The company and its branch of business

B2B Metalworks is a dynamically developing company that can help you with a variety of tasks. Whether it’s metal structures or a subcontract, we use our best efforts to find the most efficient solution for your production processes.
We are a versatile company having its manufacturing facilities in Estonia and offering both products and services. We produce various light and medium-heavy metal structures, thermal lances and custom-made turning and milling parts.
We also repair and assemble structures for clients both in Estonia and abroad.

Our principle lines of business are production of high-quality structures and provision of subcontract works meeting the specific needs of your organisation.

Higher productivity

Downtime is one of the main reasons for companies’ decline of productivity. There is no doubt that during idle time the companies’ profits fall. The equipment often stands idle because its repair is very costly or it is impossible to use your own workforce on account of high payroll expenditure. Faulty equipment and lack of spare parts also play an important role. A halt of production process is not always the optimal solution to the problem, and there is often a better way out.

Using efficient equipment can help you improve the situation by increasing productivity and reducing time loss.

Using subcontractors to perform works which are outside the scope of your specialization you save working time and get the opportunity to fully dedicate your efforts to the core activities of your company. You can thus achieve greater economy of both time and money.

Companies conducting their business in various branches of activity already cooperate with us for these very reasons. We have many satisfied clients in Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain.

Here are some of the business’ areas in which we operate:
Shipbuilding and ship repair;
Production and repair of industrial equipment;
Processing of recyclable materials.

Combined services

Due to fact that we offer a wide range of services to our clients, we regularly supply+ our production as well as render services for the same companies. For example we supply to the companies of scrap metal recycling branch not only thermal lances, bulldozer (front loader) buckets and loader boxes but also experienced workers. For various companies we provide experienced welders and assemblers, CNC machine operators, metal workers, mechanics and other professionals. Our workers are efficient and dedicated and always ready to work extra hours.

Transport and delivery time

Estonia’s distance from your country may lead you to think that it will take weeks in transit to your location for the goods you have ordered from us. In fact, using the transportation services of DSV Transport we are able to effect the delivery to most European countries within several days.

If you choose us as your cooperation partner you will be able to:
Lower your costs;
Save time;
Raise efficiency and;
Rely on the professional expertise of our staff.