Demoloshing, dismantling, packing and re-erecting

In the construction industry, demolishing and dismantling an old structures is just as important as building new ones. We specialize in dismantling of factories in the way that suits best for our client. Either it goes to scrap yard or for re-erection. In case of re-erection, marking, archiving and packing is done by us as well.

Our teams have dismantled and packed big complicated equipment, using light and heavy machinery. Cutting big tanks, equipment or structures is a common thing to do in our business. Gas cutters, mechanics, excavator operators, electritions, welders, forklift drivers, crane slingers, auxiliary workers, equipment packers, carpenters – specialists, who are needed in almost every dismantling project.

Our several innovative and dedicated project managers will help to accomplish your goals!

We can offer different ways of cooperation – project based or workers rental.
References regarding our previous works can be received upon request.