Thermal Oxygen Lances

Thermal oxygen lances are used for example for cutting oversized stainless steel scrap, cast iron scrap or runnings. The lance is made from welded steel tube, and several rods made from steel wire are inserted into this tube. Lance is attached to the lance holder, and the holder is connected to a suitable oxygen hose fitted to a high-pressure oxygen supply. In order to ensure, that under high-pressure of oxygen the wires would not jump out of the pipe, there are made 3-4 precise hammer hits on one spot of the lance on a distance of 150-300 mm from that end of the thermal oxygen lance, that will be attached to the lance holder.

The most widely used lances are 3m long and they are made out of the pipe of Ø16 mm, where the thickness of the pipe’s side/wall equals to 1,5 mm. To the each pipe are put 25 wires which

have Ø 2 mm, or 20 wires with the Ø 2,2 mm for the lengths of 2,9 m. One Ø16 mm lance weighs 3,35 kg.

Each year we sell 50 000 lances!