Metal structures

Effective system of quickly detachable boxes

Your technological process can be optimized with the help of effectively functioning equipment. Our boxes (containers) will help you use your bulldozer (front wheel loader) more effectively for various works without loosing your time to wait for the crane loading. The bulldozer driver can simply detach the box at the place of loading and later pick it up when the box has been filled.

We also produce boxes for ordinary loaders (lift load trucks) as well as buckets (diggers), followers and booms for front loaders and Bobcat loaders in accordance with our clients’ wishes.

Various metal structures

Wide application

We specialise in manufacturing light and medium-heavy metal structures. We can also act as a subcontractor to produce parts of structures. We ensure that our products are of high quality and manufactured in accordance with the drawings provided by the client. We cooperate with companies in the following branches of business:

Shipbuilding and ship repair;
Mechanical engineering;
Equipment repair and maintenance.